Maintain and value

Jewellery purchases are special and often mark life's milestones. For peace of mind and to keep your precious pieces in tip top condition, it's a good idea to have them maintained.

The National Association of Jewellers recommend you have your jewellery valued every three years, some insurers recommend as often as every two years. At The Benchworks our insurance valuations provide you with an accurate description of each of your items including the type of precious metal, the size, colour and clarity of any diamonds and a description of any other gemstones. A current retail replacement value is given based on this information.

If your valuables were lost or stolen, could you describe them accurately enough to have them replaced? At The Benchworks we also include photographs of your pieces giving you peace of mind should the worst happen. 



                                        Before                                                                                             After

                                       Before                                                                                           After

Everyday wear and tear can take it's toll and insurers recommend you have your pieces professionally cleaned and checked annually. Grime can build up in jewellery creating an abrasive action which causes pieces to wear more quickly, not to mention dulling the sparkle of diamonds and gems. 

At The Benchworks we check all claws and settings for wear and tear. We then advise of any work required to get your pieces looking as good as the day you got them and ready to be worn again with confidence.  All metals are highly polished to look like new and where necessary we can rhodium plate. Or if you prefer a satin finish, we can do that too!

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'Excellent 5 star rating! Professional, trustworthy and helpful. Thanks to Helen I finally found someone I trusted with the repair of my antique, precious diamond ring. I now have my beautiful ring restored to it's former glory.  Helen also gave me sound advice on all my inherited jewellery and detailed evaluations for insurance. I am so happy to wear my ring again!'

Rachel Fogwill